Data Reporting Options

We offer a variety of analytical data packages formatted to meet the reporting needs and varying data quality objective of its clients. For each project submitted, BC Laboratories will delivers a Data Parckage consisting of a cover letter and an analytical report. Please contact your project manager for more information.

Reporting Methods:

  1. BCLabNet
  2. EDDs Reporting
  3. CLP-Like Reporting
  4. California State Form


We utilize Promium's Element Laboratory Information Management System [LIMS] for all laboratory data management operations, including final report generation and electronic data deliverables. LIMS-generated client reports and EDDs are generated from a single output file for a selected work order or sample delivery group.

  1. CAL - Trans
  2. DOD
  3. EQUIS
  4. Microsoft Excel
  5. COELT 1.2a
  6. Text - comma-delimited fields
  7. PDF [scanned image of report]
  8. Mircrosoft Access
  9. Text - fixed-width fields
  10. ..and many more


BCLabNet enables our client to retrieve, create, and customize their data deliverables as they become available.

  1. Download Results
  2. View Current Reports
  3. Online Access


Our CLP packages are data validator-friendly, create to provide all analytical data reporting requisites, including raw data and CLP Package reporting forms.

  1. CLP [without raw data]
  2. CLP [with raw data]

California State Form

  1. Drinking Water