Proficiency Testing

Proficiency Testing

As part of our State and Federal certification processes, BC Laboratories is required to participate in various proficiency testing studies to insure that both our instruments and analysts are accurate and consistent. Below is a summary of the various studies which monitor our performance:

Water and Soil PT Studies

  1. Water Supply (WS) supports Safe Drinking Water Act programs
  2. Water Pollution (WP) supports Clean Water Act programs
  3. WP-RCRA supports soil testing programs
  4. DMR-QA supports NPDES programs


BC Laboratories is frequently audited for Federal Programs lab approval, as well as by private companies which have strict QA/QC requirements for their laboratory vendors. Audits allow us to fine-tune our internal Quality Control systems to assure clients we operate using consistent procedures throughout the laboratory. Listed are some of our most recent auditors:

US Department of Energy

  1. MAPEP (Mixed Analyte Performance Evaluation Proficiency
  2. Department of Energy-Consolidated Audit Program [DOECAP]
  3. Laboratory Data Consultants
  4. DoD (ELAP)

Microbiology PT Studies

Environmental Resource Associates

  1. WS/WP
  2. WS
  3. WS/WP
  4. WS