Proficiency Testing

Proficiency Testing

As part of our State and Federal certification processes, Pace - Bakersfield is required to participate in various proficiency testing studies to insure that both our instruments and analysts are accurate and consistent. Below is a summary of the various studies which monitor our performance:

Water and Soil PT Studies

  1. Water Supply (WS) supports Safe Drinking Water Act programs
  2. Water Pollution (WP) supports Clean Water Act programs
  3. WP-RCRA supports soil testing programs
  4. DMR-QA supports NPDES programs


Pace - Bakersfield is frequently audited for Federal Programs lab approval, as well as by private companies which have strict QA/QC requirements for their laboratory vendors. Audits allow us to fine-tune our internal Quality Control systems to assure clients we operate using consistent procedures throughout the laboratory. Listed are some of our most recent auditors:

US Department of Energy

  1. MAPEP (Mixed Analyte Performance Evaluation Proficiency
  2. Department of Energy-Consolidated Audit Program [DOECAP]
  3. Laboratory Data Consultants
  4. DoD (ELAP)

Microbiology PT Studies

Environmental Resource Associates

  1. WS/WP
  2. WS
  3. WS/WP
  4. WS