Pace - Bakersfield understands that our clients put their reputations on-the-line when choosing a laboratory. We are not just a vendor, but a partner to help in your success. For this reason, we are committed to providing legally defensible data which is scientifically and technically valid and meets professional standards, project goals and government requirements. These standards are maintained by meeting external parameters such as proficiency tests, audits and methodology requirements which assure our chemists their equipment and processes are accurate and consistent. Internally, our Quality Control Program insures confidence in our equipment and the integrity of systems on a daily basis. This program involves temperature, travel and preparation blanks, surrogates, spikes, duplicates and lab control samples, preservation checks, internal sample tracking systems, and record keeping to insure all systems are monitored as required by law. Since 1949, Pace - Bakersfield integrity has cemented client confidence and made us a successful laboratory. Our management and staff are committed to use all available resources to insure an accurate, precise, and timely product.


Our principal business purpose is to provide value to our customers by consistently delivering laboratory testing services and products of the highest quality in a timely manner while giving friendly responsive service. By being proactive in developing and delivering a variety of testing services that will add value to a select customer base. We strive to understand customer's expectations and take ownership of their challenges with rapid response, invest in resources and training, and be responsible to the community..