Air/Vapor Analyses

Pace - Bakersfield has the analytical and project management capabilities to support a variety of soil vapor intrusion and indoor air investigations.

Gas Chromatography

ASTM D1946, EPA 3C - Fixed and/or Permanent Gases*

TO-3, EPA 8021 - BTEX - Oxygenates Only*

TO-3, EPA 8021 - BTEX - Oxygenates TVPH*

Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

TO-14, EPA 8260 -

TO-14, EPA 8260 - Volatile Halogenated & Aromatics + TVPH

TO-14, EPA 8260 - TVPH Only

TO-15, EPA 8260 - Low Level Volatile Halogenated + Aromatics

Miscellaneous Sampling Supplies

Tedlar Bags Each

Canister Rental

Flow Controller Rental

Note:Tedlar bags only*