Underground Storage Tank [UST] Analyses

Pace - Bakersfield will treat underground and aboveground storage tank separately due to the requirements. Please note that, although we are certified by the state, the requirements of some states are more stringent than those of the federal government.

Gasoline Residue

EPA 5030B/8020A/8021B - BTEX and MTBE Only

TVPH EPA 8015M/LUFT - Total Volatile Petroleum Hydrocarbons [C5-C14]

EPA 5035 - Soil Sample Preparation [Volatiles]**

TPPH - Total Purgeable Petroleum Hydrocarbons by GC/MS

BTEX & TVPH - Combination and/or Travel Blank Analysis

TEPH + BTEX + Oxygenates - TPH by GC/MS + BTEX + Oxygenates

Diesel Residue

TEPH EPA 8015M/LUFT - Total Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons [C12-C24]* and/or Travel Blank Analysis

TEPH LUFT GC/MS - Total Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons [C12-C24] by GC/MS.

Fuel Fingerprinting

EPA 8015M[GC-FID] - Gas, Diesel, Kerosene, Waste Oil, Naphtha

EPA 8015M[GC-FID] - Carbon Chain Determination [C8-C40]*

EPA 8015M[GC-FID] - Both: Gas, Diesel, Kerosene, Waste Oil, Naphtha Carbon Chain Determination [C8-C40]*

LUFT GC/MS - Diesel, Carbon Chain Determination [C10-C40* by GC/MS]

Other Tests

EPA 1010 - Flashpoint [PMCC]

Title 22 CCR 66261 - Organic Lead

EPA 3050A/6010B - Total Lead

EPA-1664-HEM[O7G] - Hexane Extractable Material

EPA-1664-SGT HEM - Silica Gel Treated HEM