QC/QA Program

Image descriptionPace - Bakersfield QA/QC objectives are set to provide internal and external parameters that chemist and their instruments must meet to insure the integrity of data, confidence of regulatory agencies, and it's clients. Parameters include PE's, audits and meeting EPA mythology requirement, preparation blanks, surrogates, spikes, duplicates and laboratory samples. Participation in various audit studies,internal and external is use to verity the adequacy of the quality objectives. Pace - Bakersfield data quality is quantitatively assess through accuracy, precision and respective method limitations. Qualitative is conduct through comparability, representativeness and completeness studies.

Specific Parameters:

  1. Review of manufacturing process control data
  2. Accuracy
  3. Precision
  4. Representativeness
  5. Comparability
  6. Completeness
  7. Sensitivity

Please contact our QA/QC Manager for more information.