Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody document may be filled out and printed through our website. Each C.O.C. contains fields such as Report To, Sample Description, Date and Time Sampled, Matrix, Analysis Requested, Sample Receipt Conditions, TAT Info, Container Types, Billing Info; Disposal Info, Comments, and the Chain of Signatures of Custodians. Once completed, print and attach with your sample submittals. Please contact our Client Service Representatives if you have any questions.

  1. COC for Standard Analysis [PDF]
  2. COC for Air Testing[PDF]
  3. COC for Bacteriological Analysis [PDF]
  4. C.O.C for Bacteriological Analysis [XLS]
  5. C.O.C Completion Instructions [PDF]

[PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader, Excel documents require Microsoft Excel or compatible speadsheet application]