EDDs Reportings

Electronic deliverables have become the industry standard for managing data and been adopted by many large firms and environmental agencies. Companies utilizing electronic deliverables have experienced the immense savings in both time and money that is made possible by real-time data management.

BC Laboratories routinely provides analytical results in electronic format for all deliverable levels. Electronic deliverables are often provided on CD-ROM, diskettes or e-mail in formats that can be customized to meet the clients reporting requirements. With the Promium's Element Laboratory Information System [LIMS] capturing all analytical data and in-house IT manager we can modify, make changes and even create unique data tables to suit the individual requests. Please contact us for your project EDDs.

Available EDD formats:

  1. CAL - Trans
  2. DOD
  3. EQUIS
  4. Microsoft Excel
  5. COELT 1.2a
  1. Text - comma-delimited fields
  2. PDF [scanned image of report]
  3. Microsoft Access
  4. Text - fixed-width fields
  5. ..and many more